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The Focke-Wulf 190 (FW190)


Günther Rall and Arthur Gärtner describing the FW-190



23,000 feet high


The release of Aces High 2 latest patch on 12 April 2004 has added even further refinements to detail and graphic excellence. The Focke-Wulf series of aircraft now have fully re-designed cockpits with functional flight stick and rudder pedals. Detail on both land and air have reached a new level of realism with dynamic cloud cover and detailed forests.


The mighty canons of the FW190 can rip an enemy aircraft to pieces with just a few bursts. Air speeds are some of the fastest and the ability to barrel roll is phenomenal. 4 series of the Focke-Wulf are available for flight. The Fw190-A8, Fw190-D9, ..........




Below are screenshots of the FW190 in combat as recorded on 12 April 2005 during the *Specialists* weekly squad night.


Fw190 ripping b24 bombers apart.




High Resolution FW190-D9 Series Gallery

This flight did not end under the best circumstances but, the crash was survived




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